Factory Shifting Services in Kolkata

The rapid growth of industrialization is a boon for the economic structure of the country. We provide top-class relocation service to the heavy-weight industries to make their operation smoother than ever. Our industry relocation team possesses mechanical engineers and electricians who can ensure complete technical and maintenance support while moving them from one place to the other.
We are one of the most professional packers and movers in Kolkata which handles high-value, time-sensitive, and heavy-weight industry shipping with maximum transparency and quality check. This is not it. We have super powerful transport team and a variety of heavy lifting equipments for factory and machinery relocation.

Factory Shifting Services

Starting from the removal of specific items until the reassemble find our experts at your service from end to end. Our extensive industrial relocation service includes dismantling, packing, shipment and reassembling of a structure, factory and even a process. All the machineries get covered with anti-corrosive, mechanical, and shock protection support.
Whether it’s a giant factory or a sensitive lab apparatus relocation, you can be assured with the most dynamic and dedicated solution in each and every occasion. Our relocation panning ensures seamless shifting at minimal cost. We specialize in installing large-scale equipments. For simple and complex industry relocation services we are always there to help you.

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